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We are in the process of updating this page, if you have purchased a kitten from our Cattery and wish to leave a testimonial, please send us an email.

We'd love to hear and see how our kittens have grown.


Today I am writing you because it's Figment's birthday! He is an orange and white van out of Rambo and Zoey. Today he turns 3.

I just wanted to take a second to let you know that every day with him and Xena is a blast. As I stated a while ago I'd thought I would never be able to have cats since I'm allergic but these cats have brought me nothing but joy, laughs, comfort and occasional bouts of insanity. Lol.

Thank you much for breeding such loving, intelligent, playful and quirky cats. Pics of my cat family attached.



We call this "Nona napping." Everyone naps better with Nona:) She's an absolute joy in every way - playing, cuddling, and exploring. And she's been a great friend and companion to our other cat Cayce, an adopted (and jumpy!) Devon who treats Nona as her own. Thank you - we absolutely adore her. I can't imagine our household without Nona!


I could not wait any longer and just had to tell you what joy and pleasure my little Lola has brought in to our lives. She is such a little clown! EVERYTHING is a toy to her! She is always playing with something,from the dog to the other cat to a pair of shoes. She is such a little nosey body! She is in to everything. Every one who meets her if fascinated by her beauty and her clownish personality. My vet has fallen in love her. She loves to give kisses and loves to be petted. She has a voracious sweet tooth and is often caught stealing candy and cookies. Just try to have some icecream and not offer her any! She is right on your lap swatting at the spoon! Of course bed time for us is when she is at her most playful,jumping on the bed,hiding under the covers and attacking anything that moves. Sometimes we get to bed at 10:00 but dont go to sleep untill midnight. Thanks again for making our world a happier place!



The first night he was a little vocal so we stayed up through the night and played with him.

By day two he was purring and exploring.

By day three - the entire apartment and everything in it belonged to him (including its inhabitants)

Day five - I just returned from his first vet visit (a perfect bill of health) and Gryphon is as loving and mischevious as they come.

What a cat!  What a glorious addition you have added to our family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


We have had our little girl, for almost two months now and she has been an absolute joy.     First and foremost, we took her to the vet as soon as she arrived and she was in perfect health (plus everyone at the vets office was smitten with her).   She immediately adjusted to her surroundings and lives up to everything we have always loved about the breed---she greets everyone at the door, talks all the time,  loves to be in the middle of everything, (and this little girl loves to be held) and she is fearless!    Obviously a great breeder.      


Thank you Kelly. 

He is getting along with my old poodle great. they just sniff. I let him out of my room in the mornings for about 45 min to sniff around and see the other cats. They hiss or just run away. He runs around and doesn't mind. He has to get out of the habit of wanting to play at 4:10 AM. I'll let him play in the house an hour or so before bed time to see if that helps.

He is such a joy!

I took Sunny to my vet. They think he is cute. He is fine, had a rabies shot and drops for fleas and ticks and a wormer.

He started his training today to be a therapy cat. I put a harness on him. Usually a cat will pretend it weighs a ton and slink around but not my Sunny Boy. He walked around with it on like he always wore one.

He also got introduced to the outside pen. He loved it.

He is in my lap right now.


Just wanted to send you an email to let you know Mia is going great! She is the sweetest little girl ever. We absolutely love her. She's gotten so Big already (she just weighed in at 4lbs lol). Hopefully we can get another kitten from you soon. 

And Mia still loves lick, it hasn't calmed down much at all. She is definitely always wanting to be with you nonstop. We hope to get another one eventually and maybe she won't be as intense. She is so cute/sweet and good though that it doesn't bother us. 

Thank you,


Just wanted to reach out and let you know that everything went well this weekend. Trixie totally gets along with Cali( red boy). Trixie is a lot smaller than both of the two boys. We were able to make a vet appointment for Shaw's Toro. The vet said that whoever the breeder was that she came from really knew what they were doing and was a good breeder because the Devon's seem to be in really good condition.


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