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Devon Rex Kittens

We ask all potential homes to read the following pages/pieces of information from our website before inquiring about a kitten;

- About Devon Rex

- FAQ Page

- Our Contract ( Found on the FAQ Page)

- Our Deposit Process ( Found below)

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see how we do our deposits.....

Homes are required to collect their kitten within 2 weeks of their 'ready to go home date'. Going forward, we will no longer be able to hold kittens for extended periods of time. If you are unable or not ready to get a kitten at the time they are ready for their homes, please wait for the next litter that fits your timeframe. Deposits will be considered forfeited if you postpone and decide you want a younger kitten instead. 

Exceptions - Bad weather which would prevent safe travels, courier scheduling, or kittens needing additional time after surgery. 

2023 plans

We are hoping we have a few litters to be ready for early 2023. 

That said we are currently planning to move from New York, USA

Alberta, Canada in April/May 2023. 

Due to the drastic change in location, these upcoming litters and kitten placements will be prioritized to returning homes, referrals, East Coast homes, and those who have been waiting for some time to get one of our kittens. 

Nightmagic is not closing! We will continue as normal once we get established in our new homes. Obviously, courier services will change. We are still working out arrangements for a driving courier in Alberta. And we are looking for a Nanny Service for flight courier who can work in Canada to the USA (recommendations welcome).

We can still get kittens to our beloved North East friends, it's just going to be a little different than it has before is all. 

Levi - Male
DOB: 8/28/22

Levi is a sweet loving boy. He has moments when he's bored he can get vocal. But then other times he's very quiet. Same kind of goes for his energy levels. He likes to watch and hang out while I get ready. If I get close enough to him he will pat my arm for attention. He's very polite in that manner and will calmly sit on the sidelines waiting for someone to notice him. However, when I'm not in one spot enough for him to wait around for me, it's off to play with the other cats and that's when he really gets going. He's plays hard when it comes to other cats. Which means if you have a home with knick knacks they may not last long because while he's active, he's also clumsy. He doesn't mind my dogs, I'm sure if there were no other cats in the home he would play with them all the same. I wouldn't suggest him for a home with really small kids just because he has fallen on my head running around the back of the couch before and I wouldn't want someone to accidentally get hurt. 



NY Counties Litter will be fixed on April 7th & 10th 
They will be ready for their homes April 14th

These will be our LAST Guarantee to be ready before the move kittens from our cattery.

Due to the move, we are no longer able to hold kittens for longer than a week post ready to leave date. If you are looking for a kitten for a later date, we suggest waiting for our litters once we have settled out west. 

We will form a waiting list for the last litters  born here, with the possibility of sending them home with a Spay/Neuter agreement instead.
These are Yukki & Sabrina x Payton babies. 
These are also the last of Payton's kittens. 
We will need vet proof of no other intact cats in your home for this agreement.
$200 will be subtracted from these kittens to go towards your cost of getting them fixed.
This applies ONLY to the NY Towns litter, NOT the NY Counties litter. 

NY Towns Litter 
- Harrison - Red Tabby Male
- Fabius - Red Point Male
- Danby - White Male
- Carlton - White Male 
- Bellmont - White Male (may turn pointed)
- Geneva - Silver Tabby w/ White Female (may stay w/ us)
- Elmira - Black w/ White Female
- Arcadia - Black w/ White Female 

NY Counties Litter

Genesee - Torti Female



Monroe - Red Tabby Female




Step 1) Read, Review, Discuss

During the week waiting period after the kittens are posted, please read over the following pages to ensure we are the breeder for you;

  1. "DEVON REX"

  2. "FAQ"

  3. "Our Contract" (found in the FAQ page)

Getting a new family member is a big decision we do not feel should be rushed, this is why we make everyone wait a full week before taking deposits (unless you are a returning buyer). We want everyone to feel comfortable with bringing a new kitten into your life as well as bringing a kitten from our cattery specifically.

Step 2) Contact us for Pre-Approval

If you have any questions about anything on those pages or questions in general about our practices, or are interested in one of our kittens and would like to be approved, please reach out before the deposits open. During this waiting period, I can also make suggestions on which kittens I feel would be the best fit for your home.

Once you've been approved for a kitten, hang tight.

I try to make this as fair as possible and currently setting a specific date to start taking deposits seems to be what works best for us at this time. Could this change in the future? Possibly. But until then this is how we choose to operate our cattery.

I will not accept deposits before the scheduled time. Please do not ask me.

Step 3) Confirm your choice of kitten once deposits open / Place deposit

As soon as deposits open up, message me (preferably in the same email chain), with your choice kitten.

***Because our kittens have been moving quickly, I strongly suggest having a second or even third option in the email as well. Some families have missed out on entire litters as we go back and forth in emails. Our previous litters came down to seconds.

If you do not hear back from me instantly, do not panic.

I go from the beginning of the start time and work my way through the list. I ideally like to finalize each home as I go before moving onto the next message. Once I get to your email, and the kitten you are waiting is still available, I will then confirm your choice and send you deposit information. I DO NOT send my paypal/vemno information prior to confirming the kitten with you. Any payment sent to me before confirmation will be automatically returned.

I will give homes until the end of the weekend to send deposits before placing the kittens into the next waiting home.

Please note our deposits are non-refundable.

I will no longer be forwarding deposits to the next litter due to change in color or gender preferences.

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