So you are planning on bringing home a

Nightmagic Devon...




What’s included?

All of our kittens will go to their new home with a New Kitten/Cat Pack which includes the following;

  • Health Record
  • Health Guarantee/Sales Contract
  • Registration papers from parent club (TICA or CFA)
    • Kitten registration and the cost of registration is the sole responsibility of the buyer once name of kitten is decided (~$12-15)
  • One month free of Pet Insurance through Trupanion
    • Buyer is responsible for and required to register cat with Trupanion within 24 hours of ownership using breeder code for free month of insurance.
  • For first time buyers - this is to ensure you have everything you need to start your journey
    • A bag of dry cat food
    • Canned cat food
    • A Cat Carrier
    • Some toys and a bed that smells like home

Prior to leaving our cattery all of our kittens will be;

  • Up-to-date on age appropriate vaccines
  • De-wormed
  • Spayed / Neutered
  • Vet Examined
  • Microchipped (with lifetime registration prepaid)

Do you have a contract?

We sure do! We will not accept any signed contracts before you receive your kitten.

Note that the contract may change at any time. We will not accept requests for contract changes. The contract is written as is to protect both parties.

Please review and acknowledge before requesting to reserve a kitten.

Contract will be signed at time of transfer.

Please click the icon below to review the KITTEN contract. 

Please click the icon below to review the ADULT CAT contract. 

Can I be placed on your waiting list?

Unfortunately we do not have a waiting list. When the litter is ready for deposits, it will be a first come first serve basis to approved homes.

The only exception to this is for breeders or previous buyers.



I’ve decided I want a kitten/cat,

now what?

Once you’ve decided you want a kitten, feel free to contact us.

We will determine if a Nightmagic Devon is right for you and which kitten / cat will fit best in your home.

First Time Buyers Our kittens are $2,000 total.

Returning Buyers (does not include food/carrier package) $1,800

Once we approve you as a home for our kittens and you agree on a kitten of choice,

We will ask for a non-refundable holding fee of $200 to reserve your kitten.

With the remaining balance of $1,800 ($1,600 for repeat buyers) due at pick up or delivery*.

For those taking two kittens, we will take $200 off each additional kitten ($100 for the repeat buy and $100 for the food/carrier package. This means if you purchase 2 kittens, you will only receive one bag of food, etc). We find kittens do best in a home with other cats and adjust well with a friend their know.

2 Kittens = $3,800

3 Kittens = $5,600

From time to time we will have older kittens or retiring adults. Prices will vary in those situations.

Typically our adults are around $700-1,000.


We will not take deposits on kittens until the kittens have started their vaccines and we have evaluated the litter for our own breeding program (~10 weeks old). We strive to better the breed, therefor reputable breeders get first priority.  We will not hold a kitten for you without a deposit.

Please keep in mind that these are living animals we are talking about, therefor...

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time!

When can I place a deposit for a kitten?

As the kittens get closer to age, we will put a notification on our site when we will be posting kittens.

Once the kittens are posted, repeat buyers will be able to place deposits instantly.


We will open deposits for new buyers one week later at the designated date, and for those who have been trying to get a kitten with us for months will get a 24hr head start. This gives everyone time to read over this page and our contract as well as research the breed to decide if a Devon is truly for you. Buying a cat is a big decision and we want those purchasing a Nightmagic Devon to feel comfortable with our policies and procedures without feeling rushed into making a choice to secure a kitten. This also gives you time to figure out which kitten you would prefer. Although I do suggest having a second or third choice back up in mind because they tend to move quickly.




How do I pay for my kitten/cat?

Deposits may be paid by Venmo or Paypal.

We will not hold a cat or kitten without a deposit.

Because kittens move quickly, we will no longer accept payment by mail for deposits.


Remaining balance may be paid by Cash, Cashier's Check, or Money Order ONLY,

and is due at the time of pick up / delivery.

We will NOT accept personal checks, Venmo, or Paypal at the time of delivery.

Please make sure to plan ahead for your kitten. We will not be able to transfer ownership without correct payment. If our courier arrives to your location and this is the case, they are instructed to return home with the kitten. In which case your deposit will go towards their fees. 

If you are having your kitten delivered via our courier by plane, full payment is due 2 weeks prior to the flight being booked. 

Please bring separate payment in form of cash or money order to pay the courier/driver fees at time of delivery.**

*see below "how will I get my kitten"

We have allergies,

can we visit to see how we will react to a Devon?

We do not do allergy testing at our cattery. We also own other non-hypoallergic cat breeds,

therefor if you are allergic to cats, you will have a reaction in our home regardless.




Can we come over and pick out our own kitten?

Can we come see your cattery?

We are declining home visits or to see young kittens for many reasons. The main reason we have decided to practice a closed cattery is because with each person we welcome into our homes, we increase the chance of bringing in disease and sickness. Not to mention it is a stressful event especially for mothers with young babies. This is our home first and foremost, and these are our pets first. And sadly in today's world, it isn't always the safest practice to invite people into our homes.




I am interested in breeding,

will you mentor/co-own/sell me a cat with breeding rights?

I am all for breeders who want to better the breed and do things right. However, I have quickly found Devons to be one of the hardest breeds to raise. They are not a breed for first time breeders by any means. With that said, I am willing to work with reputable and established breeders. But we are not mentoring anyone or starting up new catteries at this time.




When can I bring my kitten home?

Our registration club by-laws states no kitten can be sold before 12 weeks of age. Meaning, this is the absolute earliest your kitten can come home with you. However, when your kitten will be ready for his or her new home is entirely dependent on that particular kitten.  We take into consideration multiple factors when it comes to deciding when kittens are ready to leave our cattery (example: when they start eating solid food). Kittens must reach a certain age and/or size before they can be spayed/neutered. Some kittens are smaller than others and take longer to get to that weight limit, meaning they will go at a later time. Recovery time after castration must also be considered. Males can go to their new homes a few days after being neutered assuming there is no complications. Females can go to their new homes a week after being spayed assuming there are no complications.


Adults do take longer to heal after surgery. Adult females can go about 1-2 weeks after their spay. Adult males we hold until they are no longer spraying. This can take 2-4 weeks. Each cat is different.


On average you are able to bring your kitten home when they are 14-18 weeks old.


We will never sell a newborn kitten or allow a kitten to leave our home before they are ready, both mentally and physically. It is at our and our veterinarian’s discretion when our kittens are ready to leave our home. Therefor we will NOT give a set date on when the kitten can leave until the kitten is older and we have a better idea.




How will I get my kitten/cat?

Once your kitten is ready to go we will start to make arrangements for you to get your kitten. Please keep in mind that while we dedicate our lives to our cats, we do have other obligations in life. Certain times of the year are busier than others. We understand that you are very excited to bring your new family member home, but please be patience and considerate.

Pick Up:   Due to a closed cattery and the pandemic, those wanting to drive to pick up your kitten we can meet locally. We are located roughly an hour north of Albany, NY.

Delivery options:   Fee varies by location

It is the buyer's responsibility to pay any expenses for getting their kitten/cat.

Hand delivery by Car: Courier will deliver kittens by car to your home within the north east region. Cost for hand delivery is $1.25 per mile from Lake George, NY rounded to the nearest $5. There is a $100 minimum charge. *Deliveries to NYC require an additional $50 for tolls and parking.
- Albany, NY = $100 minimum fee
- Paramus, NJ = $240
- Boston, MA = $275
- Manhattan, NY = $265 + $50 = $315
- Washington, DC = $525
Please note our courier would like to keep trips within a 400 mile radius. At this time they are only available during the week and typically can get to your location by mid afternoon.
Flying in to pick up: Our nearest airport is Albany International Airport. Our courier will meet you at the airport and hand you your kitten if you choose to fly in to pick the kitten up yourself. Please note, they will charge the $100 courier fee as listed above to meet you at the Albany Airport.
World Wide Courier Service by Plane : Courier will bring your kitten with him in the plane cabin and meet you at your nearest airport.
Average cost $400 (if purchasing 2 kittens, additional fee is ~$200).
**** Due to the pandemic, we will not be shipping our kittens.****
If you have purchased from us before, we can try to make arrangements with our normal courier but prices during the pandemic have gone up and flights are harder to get.


                                           * weather permitting and scheduling permitting. 

We are aware that you are excited to bring home your new family member, but please understand that our courier service providers are humans with a life of their own. They are doing this as a favor to provide a safe and stress free mode of transportation to your home. Most deliveries are anywhere from 8-16 hour round trips with a job awaiting them early the next morning. So please show our couriers some patience and respect.


Please also note that we or our couriers will NOT travel during unsafe weather conditions. No exceptions. We also cannot control flight cancellations. If you are requiring a courier service please acknowledge before sending a deposit that due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise, it may take a few weeks to get your kitten to you. Typically once the kitten/cat is ready to leave we can get them to you within a week or two. But this is not a guaranteed time frame. Unwilling to wait for kitten delivery will not warrant you a refund on your deposit, nor will we offer a discount off your kitten for your wait. If you want your kitten quicker, we suggest booking a flight to Albany, NY Airport and picking the kitten up there on a weekend.


Both myself and our couriers do this as a hobby and a love for the breed, we do not need to nor will we tolerate any harassment. If this occurs at any point during the sale, we reserve the right to terminate the sale without warning.


What food/litter do you use?

How much should I feed my cat?

Dry Food

  • Nulo Cat & Kitten (Orange or Pink Bag)
Wet Food
  • Dave's (Chicken, Turkey, or Beef & Chicken)
Wet Food Additives that we use
  • Cooked shredded Chicken
    • Add a chicken breast in a crock pot with a little brown rice and water. Blend in food processor or shred into small pieces
  • Canned Pumpkin Puree (not pie mix)
  • Commercial Raw Meat Mix
    • State of Nature in Chicken, Turkey, or Tri Blend (purchased in store)
    • Darwin's Pet in Chicken or Turkey (online meal service)
  • Wood Pellets
    • You can use FelinePine, or for a cheaper alternative Horse Stall Pellets.
      • Tractor Supply offers 40# bags for $6 compared to FelinePine 40# for $17.
  • Greenies
    • They like the ones that look like Temptations best, but I have had allergic reactions from Temptations in our cattery before. But not to Greenies.
  • Freeze Dried Meat Treats
Feeding Schedule:
We allow our cats to have access to dry food and water all the time.
Our cats get a wet food mixture in the morning and at night.
We avoid food containing Fish, especially Shellfish due to allergic issues in the past. We have found that chicken seems to be a safe option, plus the cats tend to like this flavor best.



If you have any issues finding these products locally, please visit:


Free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49.

Please have your food ready for your kitten's arrival.

Other Brands of food we approve:

  • Wellness
  • Go!
  • Merrick
  • Fromm

Popular Brands we do NOT approve:

  • Royal Canin
  • Blue Buffalo
  • Science Diet / Hill's
  • Iams / Friskies / Wiskers (any brand you can find in your grocery store)

And this is why:

Nulo Cat & Kitten (Turkey and Duck)

Protien = 40%

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Menhaden Fish Meal, Deboned Cod, Yellow Peas


Royal Canin (Kitten)

Protien = 34%

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken by-product meal, Brown Rice, Brewers Rice, Chicken Fat, Corn Gluten Meal

We have not tried every brand of cat food on the market, so I'm sure there are more approved and not approved brands out there. These are just brands we have personal experience with either being a good match or causing issues with Devons. Everyone brand listed in the not approved group, is there because they have caused major issues in homes that have switched our kittens to that food. Be it food allergies, bad intestinal issues, both, or worse. But if you want help with reading or understanding pet food labels, please feel free to message us.